2008-03-11 - On Holiday

So just a short note to say that I got married on the 23rd of Feb
to the love of my life Renee... a good time was had by all, even
though the weather was horrific (rained
non-stop for 2 days) - big thanks to Ben, Nick, Stu, Sacha (my
Entourage) and everyone else for helping with the last minute
re-organisations :)

I'm now on honeymoon in Europe... currently lurking in Rome for a
few days to take in the local sights - however we'll be making our
way to England soon to catch up with some family.

For anyone curious about the Architecture Chat, it'll start up
again in April once I'm back in New Zealand and my life has
returned to some semblance of normality.

Written on March 11, 2008