2007-12-04 - Architecture Chat Tomorrow

That's right, it's time for another Architecture chat

So as I mentioned last week - The Architecture
is being held this thursday, 11:30am at Sylvia Park in
Auckland (at
), all are welcome and encouraged to come along and
share your views.

Some topics / announcements that have taken my eye over the last
3 weeks which might make good discussion fodder:

And some conversational topics related to what I've been working
on lately...

  • Agile model driven development and
    just how can you combine model driven architecture (MDA) with
    test driven development and code-level refactoring.
  • Writing parsers using F#,
    leveraging pattern matching & Active Patterns - and integrating with other languages like
  • Visual DSL's - the good and the bad, and at what point does it become
    justifiable to roll your own for specific business needs?

If anyone has any topic suggestions either leave a comment or
email/IM me (IM details are on the left, in the "Who am I?"

See you all tomorrow!

Edit: and as a late edition, I've also had a play/look into the
very recently released Volta if anyone is interested -
if you've got the time before xmas, I'd definitely suggest doing
their quick start
tutorial - interesting.

Written on December 4, 2007