2007-04-15 - Architecture Camp 2007

Well it's over - and it's been great!

First off Architecture Camp 2007 was a lot of fun to present at this weekend... the relaxed nature and opportunities for everyone to talk, rather than just listening, was great - a nice soft introduction to a newbie presenter such as myself!

And a big hat-tip to all the guys who helped put this together, including Alex James, Kurt (where's your blog boy!) and Chris + all the other presenters.

The thing I liked the most about this event was the number of people who brought their a-game... damn but there were some seriously experienced and intelligent guys in the audience, asking great questions - contrasted with the often pointless heckling and misguided questioning you can get at events like teched, this event was great ... if you couldn't make it, definitely try to get to the next architecture camp, and if you were a no-show ... shame on you!

I'm still not 100% sure if my session got recorded or not, but if it did, I'll point you to it at some point...  in the mean time - here's the presentation itself in both pdf and pptx (powerpoint 2007) formats.

Written on April 15, 2007