2007-03-20 - Architecture Camp 2007

Well as the more observant reader of Alex Jame's Blogmight have noticed, I'm talking at the the Architect Camp 2007 this year... which should be...interesting - I haven't done any public speaking for a while now, but Alex James assures me I'll be fine ... be it on his head! ;o) ...

So I'm planning to talk about IoC (Inversion of Control) - one of my little pet loves... Some of the subjects I'm considering include:

  • Coupling
    • How do we couple (Message, data, content etc.)
    • Metrics for the architect (Instability vs. Abstractness etc.)

  • Dependency Injection
    • Constructor dependencies
    • Parameter dependencies
    • Law of Demeter

  • Inversion of Control
    • Why bother?
      • Added flexibility and opportunity
      • Lowering the cost of change

    • ServiceLocators
      • Why they suck

    • Inversion of control containers
      • What's available (Castle, Spring, StructureMap etc.)
      • Autowiring
      • Services
      • Lifestyle vs Lifecycle
      • Configuration
      • AOP
      • Patterns
        • Decorators
        • Facilities
        • Arrays (simple contributor patterns etc.)

But that's only a small brain dump... we will see what actually gets in there.

For anyone who's thinking of attending this event, anything in particular you would like to have covered in a little more depth... or have you had any exposure to IoC at all?

Written on March 20, 2007