Upgrading .net core 1.1 to 2.0 for docker users

For my latest feature we have been working on a microservice running across 4 docker containers.

All the containers are running on a runtime base image we build for .net core 1.1 - which has been working really well.

We are now starting the process of upgrading to .net core 2.0 (2.0.3)…

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The story so far


My Name is Alex Henderson and as I write this I’m a 38 year old software developer, who has been working professionally since 1999. As I begin blogging again I thought this was a good opportunity to report on my personal story as a engineer so far.

So here it is!

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Make those hidden queues visible...

For a discipline so focused on measuring and understanding everything about our software once it’s been carefully deployed into it’s final resting place in the production environment — it always comes as a surprise when talking to engineers about the process of reviewing, testing and deploying their software that it’s so focused on “feelings” rather then facts.

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Family News

For those who know me personally, they probably know Renee & I were expecting our first child this month. Well she has finally arrived.

Ivy McAuley Henderson, Born 24th August, 10:26pm.

Both Mum and Baby are very well :)

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