My name is Alex Henderson, and I live in Auckland New Zealand.

I’m a software engineer with 18+ years of working experience in the industry.

I provide development services to companies in New Zealand and around the world, generally through long-term consulting engagements with my boutique software consultancy DevDefined Limited.

I have been consulting with Pushpay limited for over 4 years where I provide my services as a Principal engineer - I began working with the Pushpay team as engineer #5 and have helped grow the engineering team to 10x that size in one of the fastest growing New Zealand companies while helping ensuring we maintain a robust software architecture to build upon into the future.

More Information

I have a love of back end services, APIs and distributed systems as well as coaching and growing developers.

My current interests in software engineering are broad and include:

  • AWS.
  • .Net core.
  • Linux.
  • Containers (Docker, Kube, ECS, EKS etc)
  • Streams (Kinesis/Kafka)
  • Data stores of all kinds.
  • Microservices
  • Solution design and architecture
  • Engineer & Product interactions
  • Feature planning and delivery
  • Learning how to cope in hyper-growth companies.

I enjoy being wrong and having my opinions being challenged because it reminds me of why I love software engineering!

I always prefer brown-fields to green-fields.

I hate meetings without agendas, and weak opinions that are held strongly.

Oh and I’m just a little bitter now and again… but I only use that trait for good.

This is my professional blog, and all opinions held here are my own and do not represent the opinions of the companies I work with.